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​What an amazing journey it has been writing the Lake Harmony series so far and thank you for joining me!
The first book Five Dates was a true labor of love and finally, put my little lakeside community on paper. It was a quick read into the lives of the quirky characters of Lake Harmony and the opening for the web and flow of the town. It began with the story of Julia and Jackson and how after 20 years of marriage their love was still there, but they had lost their way and needed to reconnect. Their friends and family created quite the dating adventures for those two to land back on solid ground. Whew!
The second book in the series Sexy Secrets is done and published! The Lake Harmony story continues with Bree and Noah meeting and falling in love. Bree struggles with accepting that the love she is shown is sincere and will last because of fears she has had since childhood, while Noah falls hard and fast for our town’s sweetheart. His love shines through as Bree is swept into the chaos surrounding her career and an attack on her character. Their friends, of course, all gather around to support Bree and with the help of a few strong-willed town characters, she battles her way through the chaos. I loved this story and I hope you do too.
Never fear, the story will continue! I am already hard at work creating the third book, Covert Entanglements which will release early next year. No spoilers from me. You will have to read Sexy Secrets to learn whom the book will focus on for the next story.
Happy Reading~ Tanja

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I am super proud about this book. The feedback so far is that people are enjoying the story. Finding the characters relatable and catching the humor through the crazy dates. Honestly, that is all I wanted.

I mean sure-I would love to be the next best selling author, but I will be honest and say that I am happy that people are reading and loving the story.

I am busy writing the next story in the series about Bree and her Sexy Secrets.

Happy Reading ~ Tanja
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I created a town called Lake Harmony which sits west of Chicago for my debut series. This little town and all its characters have been floating around in my head for a couple of years, and I knew it was time to write them down and bring them to life. To create this series I went through a period where I developed the town (Map attached) and all the main characters. These are living, breathing, people in my imaginary town that grow and change as I write my stories. It is interesting as a writer to see how the story becomes real and takes some twists and turns, even I wasn’t expecting.

I am sharing this map with you so that you can also try to envision the town, businesses, and everything written about in the Lake Harmony series.

Happy Reading- T

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I grew up in a suburb of Chicago (Wheaton, Illinois) which sits west of the city. It was one of those Midwest communities that is a safe place to raise kids and has a lot of activities and places to enjoy. We have a downtown area that provides restaurants, shops, and even an alley candy shop (The Little Popcorn Store) where you can buy individual treats for a few cents.

The Lake Harmony series takes the vibe- web, and flow- from my childhood and a community that was involved and welcoming. (Think Normal Rockwell) Growing up, most of us couldn't wait to go to college and move away. Many couldn't wait to experience the real world. I mean our town was dry (no booze-really!) and I believe it is in the Trivial Pursuit game for having the most churches per area. Look it up! LOL,  It was/is a pretty conservative town, which was interesting for my very open and liberal views. I survived though (not without getting into trouble) and most likely converted many friends to my way of thinking. 

I wanted to showcase a town similar to what I grew up in and share it with my readers. I moved Lake Harmony further west than where I grew up and also took a bunch of towns nearby "home" and smashed them together in my make-believe community. I added a lake, because why not-and I love being on the water! Of course, there is drama, because in all communities there is, right! You always seem to have the better neighborhood or subdivision of town: the upper crust and the normal middle class. This is also written into my story.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy Lake Harmony and all it has to offer. There will be a series written about the town and its many characters flowing from one book to the next.
Happy Reading~ T